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Very absorbent, Peat Moss Bedding is also very affordable and efficient, suitable both for large farms as well as small family farms! Peat is a widely available material that is not as mainstream, but is as time-honored as shavings and straw for horse beddings. A solid bed of peat in the stall has a springy feel that is much like a mattress. Horses love it and their caregivers find it easy to clean!


Horse owners also find that their horses have fewer joint problems: peat provides a natural cushioning and creates a good base in the stall. Once the base is established, the initial cost of peat is offset by decreased cost over time. Also, since peat is already decomposed, composting is easier.


The acidity of NATURESORB peat moss litter provides better control over ammonia levels and bacteria, which will significantly reduce odors and fly proliferation and ensure optimal comfort to your animals.


The nutritive value of manure will be further increased by the structure of peat moss, which consists in retaining the nutrients of the manure. The amount of manure to be collected will also be lower because NATURESORB has a high degree of absorption compared to other more traditional litters or beddings, which will facilitate spreading and reduce workload.

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