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    Our premium quality Large Flakes Wood Shavings are dust-screened in order to remove dust that can endanger livestock and human health, and therefore offer a product that is dry, absorbent and dust free.

    Wood shavings are free of debris, contaminants, and dirt. They also absorb odors and resist mold-causing moisture. If you are worried about pests, wood shavings offer peace of mind, as mites and other bugs are not attracted to this material.


    Wood shavings are moisture resistant and slow to break down. They keep the bedding dry for better comfort and hygiene of your animals. They also provide a comfortable, soft, and body-conforming material on which animals can rest.

    Made of 100% natural softwoods, our comfortable animal beddings consist of a very absorbent mix of pine, fir and spruce. Furthermore, no trees are cut down to produce our premium quality wood shavings, no added chemical ingredients and no added glue! Langebec is proud to offer its clients a product respectful of nature and animals.

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