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Langepix wood shavings are composed of the finest grade flakes, which mean that they are very absorbent and easier to collect! Smaller than the regular horse bedding flakes, you will use less flakes and discard less of the bedding when sifting the manure…


Made of 100% natural softwoods, our finest shavings are precision-screened for consistency making them very low dust and great for horse, cow and pig beddings. Langepix wood shavings are also kiln dried and heat-treated for superior quality beddings.


Wood shavings are moisture resistant and slow to break down. They keep the bedding dry for better comfort and hygiene of your animals. They also provide a comfortable, soft, and body-conforming material on which animals can rest.


No trees are cut down to produce our premium quality wood shavings, no added chemical ingredients and no added glue! Langebec is proud to offer its clients a product respectful of nature and animals.

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