FlaxBed crumbles supply a non-allergenic and completely dust free softer cushion for standing and laying down positions. They are highly absorbent: 5x more than wood, 10x more than straw and provide a drier surface for your animals.


    FlaxBed crumbles eliminates more ammonia odor than wood shavings and more per square meter than any other bedding. The absorbency also separates the bedding layers with the top layer remaining soft and dry. Extremely cost and time saving! Indeed, you will need 70% less bedding material than wood or straw and you will save time to maintain and clean your stall.


    Together with offering comfort, cost advantage and cleaning time reduction it is a 100% natural renewable resource, that breaks down quickly and adds Nitrogen back to the soil when composting, resulting in less waste generation.


    • Highly compostable
    • Higly comfortable
    • Absorbs more
    • Less cleaning and consumption
    • Excellent odor reduction

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